BrainBox - Republic of Moldova

BrainBox - Republic of Moldova

BrainBox - Republic of Moldova

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Brainbox offers a new learning experience for the little ones, this time, a much more interactive one. Treated as an educational game for the little ones, this is a game loved even by the grown-ups. Republic of Moldova, like other Brainbox games, can be played both with family and with friends. Very effective in the interaction between parent and child, Brainbox also helps memory capacity, develops visual memory and associative thinking. In addition, the Republic of Moldova helps to memorize the history of our country, so the game is also ideal for the little ones.


Brainbox Republic of Moldova is designed to be played together with family and friends. It will improve the observational spirit, memorization capacity and knowledge about the cities and culture of our country.

Objective of the game: Be the player with the most cards collected after 10 minutes.

If you are the youngest player, you draw a card from the box and turn the hourglass. You study the image and information on the face of the card until the hourglass runs out of sand (10 seconds). The hourglass can be turned one more time to give younger players more time to study the card.

Then you give the card to another player and roll the dice. You will answer the question with the number indicated by the die. (Ex. If you roll a two, then you will answer the question with number two). The other player reads your question and then you check together if your answer is correct by turning over the card.

If you answered correctly, you keep the card. If you got it wrong you put the card back in the box and the next player draws a card.

The player with the most cards after ten minutes of play wins!

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