7 in 1 board game - Ludo Chess

7 in 1 board game - Ludo Chess

7 in 1 board game - Ludo Chess

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Educational wooden game 7 in 1 Ludo Chess - a game with a variety of activities.

Ludo Chess game helps the child to develop fine motor skills, logical and associative thinking, memory, attention, concentration and patience.

The multi-functional game is suitable for the whole family!

The game has 7 variants in which it can be played:

- Flying Chess;

- X and Zero, a more complicated version than the universal one;

- Chess with animals;

- 3 x chess with pawns (single nobleman, joint forces, checkers);

- Snake Chess;

The game comes packaged in a wooden box and all the necessary accessories to play the 7 game variants.

Box dimensions: 29.7 x 28.8 x 4.3 cm

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