The Alphabet of Equality

The Alphabet of Equality

The Alphabet of Equality

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Each of us is unique and different, but we all feel joy and fear, we are curious and sometimes we get goosebumps. Let's talk about what unites us, not what divides us.

The Equality Alphabet is a book that kindly and curiously explores some complex words, which often cannot be identified by a physical object. You have in front of you a book in which we talk about emotions, values, feelings that are more difficult for the little ones to understand.

The character you will discover in these pages is Beatrice, a special little girl, diagnosed with Down Syndrome, whom you may know as My Friend. Beatrice's naivety and purity is a window that allows us to look at the world around us from her point of view - childlike, without prejudice and with great interest.

The 30 stories aim to cultivate empathy, tolerance and diversity in the heart of every child, but also to provide a tool for parents to explain these delicate notions. With each letter you will discover that the differences between her and any other child are more appearances, and all of us, the inhabitants of this earth, are equal in our diversity.

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