EduJoc Story


It all started with our passion for education and caring for children ...


In 2012 we gathered a group of experts (children from 3 to 99 years old), a few cubes from the grandfather's workshop and started playing ... That's how we got the first victory in the fight with TV and screens!

Grandpa's workshop where the pieces of wood come to life has grown, and at the moment we offer you an impressive collection of teaching materials, creative sets, decoration items, educational toys and logic games.


We promote education through play, and the collection of toys we create offers parents an effective alternative in the fight against screens by developing children's creativity and intelligence. Since April 2012 we play and learn, create or import games and toys, and invent new ways to care for and inspire children.


In Edujoc stores, parents have the opportunity to touch, test and understand the value and educational potential that games offer, also here we accompany and help parents to offer children the best and most suitable toys, for them or children.


For parents who do not have time or cannot get through the shops for toys, we have created the Education Cart, which delivers educational toys to any address.

We deliver education anywhere in the world.


We chose to be a social business and look beyond profit. We aim to support educators and offer them effective solutions to help them in their noble mission, which is why we direct the profit in organizing seminars for the development of critical thinking, storytelling and creative workshops for children, parents and educators, with free participation.


We chose from the beginning of the pandemic to reshape ourselves and be part of the fight against Covid 19, in our workshop were crafted visors, intubation speakers, communication devices, hearing aid masks and many other equipment extremely necessary for hospital heroes.

Together with the volunteers from we offered free of charge over 45,000 visors and 350 intubation boxes.

We managed to get a donation of another 35,000 visors from Romania that we distributed to the heroes from all hospitals, including Tiraspol.

With the help of the support from the European Union, we offered to the children from the hospitals with Covid, 191 sets of educational toys personalized by age. 

Thanks to funding from the US Embassy in Moldova, we have created and provided over 81 communication devices for patients in intensive care units.

Another 30 educational devices and games were donated to children with severe disabilities who were isolated due to pandemic restrictions, but thanks to the device with integrated tablet they can participate in recovery and reintegration activities in society.

Also, thanks to external partners we created and offered free 3100 screen masks for people with hearing impairments.

Our involvement does not stop here, we feel blessed to be able to help and offer our support to those who need ...



EduJoc Team


We are a team of enthusiasts and game experts.

We care about future generations, we believe that we can contribute together with parents and educators to the formation, education and harmonious growth of a new generation, which we call the Edujoc generation.


The values of our company are: dedication, integrity, respect, friendship and love.


Victor Hugo said: "With every child we educate, we win a person." So, let's turn all children into creative and successful people!

Purpose and mission


Our mission is for every child to have at least one educational toy in the house, according to their age, talent and preferences.

We aim to help parents give their children the best and most suitable toys, and to dedicate more time to their children, to play together, to read to them, to walk, to exercise, to listen to them and to support them, that is, to offer them the most beautiful childhood!


We encourage everyone to let go of worries, routine, technology, hurry and play with children, spend precious time in the family and create unforgettable memories.




Awards and nominations


  • Social Impact Award 2012, top 10 finalists in Romania
  • Grand Prize "Best Business Plan" within the Project "Entrepreneurs Factory, 2nd edition", Cluj-Napoca
  • Startup Weekend Moldova, 2nd edition
  • "Successful Young Entrepreneurs" organized by MECTS and JCI
  • Top 50 business ideas in the international start-up competition BITS Pilani, organized by the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Grand Prize in the National Business Plan Competition for Young People, 9th edition
  • The most creative business - The first national champion at the Creative Business Cup Moldova, 2014 edition, representing Moldova at the international stage in Denmark
  • CSR Award for social integration activities and community support, ODIMM, 2015
  • Champions of Change, FNF Germany, LID Moldova, 2019
  • Award for Social Initiatives, PNFM, 2019
  • Award for remarkable successes in the development of the economy of Anenii Noi district, 2020

Sponsors and Donors

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