Ball circuit construction set

Ball circuit construction set

Ball circuit construction set

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The new ball path builder will definitely become your little one's favorite game.

This ball circuit will develop the child's dexterity, creativity, thinking, and abilities. The child will be able to assemble many different circuits.

Designed for small builders, the ball circuit helps you create various columns of cubes through which to move the balls.

The special design makes the balls gain a special momentum as they move from one column to another so that their speed increases as if by magic.

The building set is great for joint activities with family, friends, or kindergarten groups. Adults can build the circuit with their children, or children of different ages can organize competitions for the most original circuit or the fastest ball.

Ball mazes are especially popular games because they combine the development of the senses and motor skills with the creative spirit needed to build buildings. Kids will love the process of creating the circuit as well as running and chasing the balls.

The ball circuit game gives them the opportunity to develop and experience a passion for the work created by their hands and thinking and which will always give them a strong sense of success.

Contains 30 pieces of wood and 5 balls.

The game is intended for children over 4 years old.

Box dimensions: 29x22 cm

Made in China

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