GustoHora - it is not a simple experience of cooking together, but a real community celebration!

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We have launched a series of socio-cultural events through which we learn to live together!

At home, gathered around the fireplace, the guests from Ukraine needed to talk about their feelings and be listened to in order to overcome some traumas they experienced and escape the feeling of guilt the survivor.

We hosted more than 17 families from Ukraine in our house, most of the refugees insisted on getting involved in the process of preparing meals, using their time and skills to help them relax and feel settled, after a short time the guests confessed that the atmosphere in our house helped them to feel comfortable, and some sense of stability to get their memories back…

We wanted to offer this opportunity to all refugees who came to Moldova, which is why we launched the socio-cultural project and start the adventure with the food truck through the villages and refugee centers to organize a unique event where we bring the atmosphere of our home, we gather around the fire, we cook, we listen to them, we sing, we cry, we make educational toys, we play and make a “Hora” of friendship.

Involvement in the activities of our events is like a kind of mental refreshment that helps refugees get out of the whirlpool of guilt, isolation, anxiety, and displacement, and escape the guilt of the survivor.

So far, we have organized events in the village of Floreni - Anenii Noi district, the village of Riscova - Criuleni district, Hîrtop village - Cimișlia district, Volintiri village - Ștefan Vodă district and the Roma refugee center in Chisinau.

The event is attended by 35 to 55 people, most of whom are refugees from Ukraine, as well as local hosts. The event lasts from 6 to 8 hours, during the events we prepare traditional dishes, we make educational toys for children from 1 to 99 years old, board games and learning materials, and play.

The aim of the event is to help them to integrate into the local community and to achieve a social and spiritual connection.

For us, cooking together in the open air is, of course, all about ensuring an extraordinary moment for our dear guests with a relaxing atmosphere and peace ...

Together with volunteers from Germany, Ireland, Japan, the USA, India, and Moldova, assisted by a chef, we offer guests from Ukraine, a welcoming afternoon to feel at home, so that they can enjoy a moment of comfort, optimism, and peace of mind.

Regardless of your preferences, culture, and culinary aspirations, it is certain that the process of cooking together can result in real miracles!

Together with the guests of the event we cook, we learn to communicate in English, Romanian, and Ukrainian, we enjoy different goodies from different corners of the world and we do intercultural exchanges, each participant offers a sample of their own culture.


Our initiative enjoys a strong interest from the media, we were recently visited and helped by the actress, the writer, the artist, the human rights activist, and the goodwill ambassador Katja Rieman from Germany, for which we are grateful.

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Children in Ukraine are exposed to the traumatic experience of war, with tanks and weapons, they have been forced to leave their homes.

We, the EduJoc team from Moldova, are close to the Ukrainian border, where thousands of refugees arrive every day. When the war started, we decided to become the most beautiful memory of the war for the refugee children.

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The social insertion enterprise EduJoc, produces wooden educational toys and has already offered hundreds of toys to refugee children. The positive response to our children's toys motivated us to produce more toys here in the workshop and continue to offer them for free.

We distributed over 300 elastic toys, which help children express their emotions by creating stories with these cubes. We also provided over 200 puzzle maps with the regions of Ukraine, so that the little ones can continue the educational process and create a new healthy routine and feel connected to their homeland.

Now, after a few weeks, we run out of money and raw materials.

With our partners and volunteers, we want to produce as many toys as possible to distribute free of charge to children. We have no profit from the money we receive, we spend 100% on the production of toys.

Our minimum target is $ 50,000 to produce approximately 17,000 elastic toys and 5,000 puzzle maps. With more money, we can continue to produce toys and distribute them around the world.

A new generation of Ukrainian children can grow up in exile, their lives will never be the same, they rely on our help and solidarity. Together we can offer them learning materials that help them start a new routine, to realize that life goes on. So we try to bring a little joy and hope to the little ones in these difficult times.

Please support our campaign and donate, together we can become the most beautiful memory of Ukrainian children about the war.

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Social entrepreneurs stand by the needs of refugees!

The EduJoc team will continue to craft and go to all locations where there are refugee children so that they are as little marked as possible by the traumatic experience of the war and feel at home in Moldova!

We hope that these little ones will create with these toys a story about a bright future, generosity, and humanity, about the heroes who sacrifice their lives for peace!

May there be peace and as many beautiful events as possible!

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