Together we help refugee children from Ukraine

Together we help refugee children from Ukraine
11 March, 2022

EduJoc team initiatives to support refugee children from Ukraine

Our team shared the smiles and joys of the little ones from the refugee families, with the support of Unicef Moldova. We distributed educational toys to children in refugee placement centers in Ukraine. We have created huge board games for the Amici dei Bambini Moldova team that organizes socio-educational animation activities for children of all ages from the placement centers.

Now together with Fiete, a volunteer from Germany, we produce sets of toys and games that we offer for free to the little guests from Ukraine. We go to different accommodation centers every week and play for hours with the children so that they feel at home and can continue their educational process. So we try to bring a little joy and hope to the little ones in these difficult times.

The days spent with refugee children are full of positive emotions. All the games that I mastered during a week in the EduJoc workshop were taken to the little guests from Ukraine, to the children from the accommodation center of the asylum seekers attached to the Migration and Asylum Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We built wooden towers with them, huge cardboard brick fortresses, and we crafted greeting cards for our loved ones.

The most exciting activity was assembling and painting the new puzzle map of Ukraine.

But the most important thing was that we managed to give them attention, affection, and care, and the smiles on the faces of these innocent children in these days of the war, far from home, was an invaluable gift for us!

"Україну не можна зруйнувати"

The new puzzle map created in the EduJoc workshop comes with an important message: Ukraine cannot be dismantled, ruined, occupied!

We need raw materials to make and distribute as many such teaching materials as possible for free to children from refugee families in Moldova!

We want these little ones to be as little as possible marked by the traumatic experience of the war and to feel at home in Moldova!

We will continue to work with the EduJoc team and go to all the places where we have refugee children!

We hope that these little ones will create with these toys a story about a bright future, generosity, and humanity, about the heroes who sacrifice their lives for peace!

"It's easier than you think to become a child's best memory of this war ... I say it's worth a try." Anna Smolnitchi

Let's help the children feel at home, thank you !!!

Peace be upon you!

Do you want to get involved and be part of this initiative?

  • You can buy toys for refugee children at EduJoc store or online.
  • You can make a financial contribution:
    • to the bank account of a Moldovan NGO (MD45ML000000022517094033, BC „MOLDINDCONBANK” S.A., MOLDMD2X309, AO Tinerete Floare, Floreni, Cod fiscal 1020620001833),
    • via Paypal,
    • on the page of the German partner organization,
    • become a Patreon of EduJoc.




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