Top 10 Christmas gifts for the whole family

Top 10 Christmas gifts for the whole family
13 December, 2023
Santa's Most Wanted Toys Through the Ages: A Guide to the Perfect Choices

Believing in Santa Claus is one of the most beautiful gifts of childhood.
Ever since they are small, children make Christmas magical, and for them this moment is unforgettable. You can see the excitement and joy of this holiday in their eyes, and the moment they discover what's under the tree is the most beautiful. With so much importance, choosing the right gift for the little ones is not the easiest activity. That is precisely why the EDUJOC team has prepared top 10 gift ideas that will help you. The exceptional prices will please you, and the products will delight the little ones.
Whether you have a girl or a boy, the first thing to consider when choosing the right games is age. In addition to the fun role, most games and toys also have educational functions and contribute to children's development. Thus, they must be in perfect agreement with their age.

0-12 months
The baby can look at the toys, handle them, bite them, or even throw them, so rattles, carousel toys, musical toys, and sensory toys are among the most suitable ones. In our range of products, you will also find a lot of ideas for babies because the first Christmas in their life should be celebrated properly.
  1. Carousel with wooden toys
  2. Toy maracas
  3. Baby walker
  4. Musical book
  5. Folding mat
  6. Multifunctional cube
  7. The box of permanence
  8. Touch game
  9. The colorful caterpillar
  10. Wooden rattles

1-2 years
It is the age at which the child begins to walk, run, jump, climb, and even slide, becoming increasingly dexterous. He loves listening to stories and is fascinated by shapes, pictures, and books.
  1. Push and pull toys
  2. Shape sorter
  3. Fishing with worms
  4. Fire truck
  5. Hammer toy
  6. Xylophone
  7. Train
  8. Climbing set
  9. Embedded puzzle
  10. Busyboard

3-5 years
Now is the period when the child starts to socialize more, he is curious, creative, full of energy and in constant movement, he can play alone with toys and even imitate the people around him.
  1. Logic game with challenges
  2. Multi-functional ladder
  3. Alphabet & Numbers Builder
  4. Vegetable cutting set
  5. Candy board game
  6. Elastic toy
  7. Memory game
  8. Matching game
  9. Family Dress Up Puzzle
  10. Track route with cars

6-8 years
For this age group, toys that stimulate the imagination and offer exciting adventures are ideal. More complex building sets, strategy games, story books, and puzzle toys are great choices.
  1. Universe clock
  2. Map with flags
  3. Numbers game
  4. Toy with tetris pieces
  5. Mosaic toy
  6. Balance game
  7. Craft set with cork
  8. Ball path builder
  9. Tangram toy
  10. Maze with balls

9-99 years
As children grow, they appreciate board games that involve strategy and interaction more, so recommended games for this period are those that stimulate their creativity and skills, such as logic, construction, and creativity games.
  1. Mikado
  2. Jenga game
  3. X and 0 game
  4. I play who I am
  5. Logic cube toy
  6. Brainbox game
  7. Europe map puzzle
  8. Game Throwing at the target
  9. Vertical maze game
  10. Energy board game

Choosing the right Santa toys can bring smiles and joy to children's hearts. With this selection adapted to their ages, you will ensure that each gift is not only appreciated, but also suitable for each child.

Together we create unforgettable memories, and enjoy the magic of the holidays with your loved ones!
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