Wooden world map with flags

Wooden world map with flags

Wooden world map with flags

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Have fun learning new things about flags and countries of the world!

An educational toy for the whole family! It helps the child to understand the geographical layout of the world and the location of his country.

Geography comes to life with this wooden world map with national flags.
Find out the location, shapes, names of all continents, recognize the major oceans, English speaking skills and unexplored territories.

The foldable 2-part wooden world map with 36 national flags is a perfect toy for enriching your knowledge of geography.

The included flags will help the little ones to identify the appropriate countries, find their position on the map, and then place them correctly. The child will have an overview of the world.

The game is Montessori, promotes learning through play and helps to develop cognitive, motor and sensory skills, and to develop the memory of children, by remembering the colors, the names of countries, their location on one of the 7 continents. Fine motor skills are developed by the need to handle the flags, catch them and position them correctly on the map.

On the back of the foldable map, all the flags are presented, coming to the aid of the little ones, to recognize them and sort them easily. To make it easier to place them on the global map, children can be helped by their parents to group them on continents first, and then start completing the map.

On the back of the flags is information in ENGLISH about the country and clues to its identity:

    Thanks to the use of English, this game will also help to practice and learn a foreign language, being a practical and easy language game for the little ones.

    The game is a great option for preschoolers and schoolchildren during breaks from lessons. Due to the folding mode, it can be closed like a book, this game can be easily transported in class, in Geography classes.

    Packaging (L x W x H): 35.4 x 24.7 x 4 cm;
    Map (L x W x H): 52.6 x 34.3 x 1 cm;
    Flags: 8.8 x 4 cm

    Recommended age: +3 years.

    Made in China

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