Multifunctional Fishing Game

Multifunctional Fishing Game

Multifunctional Fishing Game

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7-in-1 multi-functional Montessori game, fishing, lacing game, and math calculation.

Wooden toy with 7 activities:

1. Stacking game – At the top of the game board there are 5 columns with 50 wooden rings in different colors that the little one can stack but can also use in mathematical calculations.

2. Number Learning Game – On the side of the game board are the numbers from 0 to 9 in different colors.

3. Mathematical calculations – At the bottom of the board are placed the necessary signs for performing mathematical calculations (The little one can use the marbles included in the game or the wooden rings to help him in the calculations)

4. Fishing Game – Which includes 15 small fish and 2 magnetic rods

5. Lace-up game – All pieces in the game have a hole to be laced up using the lace included in the game

6. Sort and Match Game – 18 Challenge Cards and 60 marbles in 5 colors, silicone molds, wooden spoon, and tongs.

7. Wooden interlocking puzzle – Match all the pieces on the sides of the game board in specially designed spaces.

Size: 32 x 30 x 5.5 cm

Recommended age: 3+

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