Visit to the toy factory - Craftsman EDUJOC

The visit through the small workshop where the wooden toys are born starts with a few short demonstrations so that the children can understand how the wood is processed to become a toy. After seeing how the toys are made, we put on aprons and invite visitors to work. We make a wooden toy, a windmill, a helicopter, a house, or another item that we then paint. During the workshop, we have brushes, special paint, and a guide to coordinate with the children. Then the painted toy is taken home! 

The most valuable toys are those made by children's hands.

Through the Master Edujoc campaign, we aim to:

• contribute to the development of creative and cognitive skills as well as dexterity in the field of conceptualization and creation of wooden toys;

• develop courage, independence, and self-confidence;

• promote handicrafts and crafts;

• cultivate beautiful skills.

In this sense, we invite you, young and old, to the workshop in Floreni village, Anenii-Noi, where you can participate in the creation of toys and see how a piece of wood is transformed into an educational toy and can come to life! 

It's really fun, for all children from 2 to 99 years old!

Price - 100 mdl / child, groups of at least 15 children are accepted.

Location - village Floreni, Anenii Noi (20 km from Chisinau)

For appointments call - 079313123 Igor Hîncu

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Creative workshop - at kindergarten & school & events

The EduJoc team would be happy to come to the group, class, or other location to conduct a themed creative workshop.

The creative workshops we offer You are an endless journey into the world of crafts. The children's hands will work in different techniques, with different professional materials, on different topics so that each child will create something unique. We encourage children to be unique, to work as they feel, guided and supported by Edujoc coordinators, who use games, stories, and dialogue during the workshops.

Children are curious and love color, wood, glue, they fully feel the joy of creating with their own hands and can't wait for creative fun.

In the creative workshops, we aim to:

• to familiarize children with the process of producing a toy;

• to develop attention, patience, and artistic sense;

• to stimulate creativity and free expression;

• spend quality time with all children;

• to capitalize on free time and talent;

• to cultivate the taste for beauty;

• have fun.

Each workshop is developed and carefully adapted thematically according to the needs and age of the children.

Creativity is a special learning process, in which children have the opportunity to discover their passions, make decisions and express themselves freely.

The price of the workshop varies between 30 - 100 mdl / child depending on the workshop.

For appointments call - 079313123 Igor Hîncu

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