Swing training BELQAU

Swing training BELQAU

Swing training BELQAU

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The child climbing on the surface of the swing, which in turn is fixed on a rounded base swings in order to maintain balance, at the same time different exercises can be performed (eg throwing or catching different objects).

The flat surface of the seesaw has a special marking, and the angle of the platform can be adjusted.

Following the training with the Swing, the following develops:

· Visual coordination

· The musculoskeletal system and the intellectual abilities of children

· Speaking, reading and writing

· Concentration / attention

· Development of imagination

· Memory improvement

· Analysis and synthesis of information

· The possibility of planning

The results manifest themselves quite quickly, improving behavior, attention, speech and learning ability.


· Suitable for children from 3 years, teenagers and adults.

· It is used in rooms with flat & hard surfaces and with free space around at least 2 meters.

· To be used by children only with the control and consent of an adult.

Dimensions: 60 x 40 cm

Made in Moldova

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